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Want  to Order 

Orders can be placed in person, by phone, email or Facebook messenger. Do not place orders via Instagram DM.  
Our email is read once a week. The fastest way to order is via Facebook or Store front .


When should I place my order?
We understand that not every event is planned very far out. We do ask that all custom orders be placed at least two weeks in advance.  If you are looking to place a multi- dessert order,  we recommend placing orders two - four  weeks in advance. 

Do we require a deposit?
Yes, we do require a non-refundable deposit of half down for all orders at the time of booking.

Disney characters

While we know that these are a common theme  for many children's birthday parties, we can not put these on our cakes. You can provide store bought figurines and we can place them in a setting fit for a princess or super hero. If you wish to have inspired Disney cakes we can come up with something that will get your vision across.  So you want a pink and white cake with two round circles on it with a fitting girly bow? Sure, but not Minnie Mouse.  

Pick up
When ordering your desserts we will have you select a two hour pick up time frame. We ask that you pick up your order only during the time frame you have selected. Anyone can pick up for you. The person picking up your order will need your order theme and name. 

Order some of our items via Doordash.
If you wish to order items from us  and need delivery, you must call and find out availability. We also offer wedding delivery and set up.

 Caring for my sweets before my event.

Many of our cakes are decorating in Swiss Buttercream. Cakes should be kept in a fridge until about 1 hour before your event begins. If you selected cupcakes with filling these can be left on the counter for around 5 hours.

Fondant cakes may become sticky if placed in a moist fridge, so we recommend leaving them out in a cool dry place in the box they came in.  Please keep this in mind when selecting your pick up time frame if you do not have space to store your items properly. 


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